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 What our Clients are Saying…

Tech2india  By leading with excellence at every stage and delivering uncompromised service quality, we’ve cultivated long-standing partnerships with clients from various industries and niches. Below we highlight a handful of stories that speak volumes about our client-focused approach. To read more testimonials, we invite you to explore our dedicated testimonial pages.


appreciate their team and the quality of services delivered. Despite such a large catalog, the team members quickly addressed the data issues and took timely action. Would love to work again with Tech2india India in the near future.”

Rishi Khanna (Rugsville) eCommerce Business Owner

I am completely satisfied with the services provided. You delivered on your promises of increased traffic and sales on all the marketplaces. I truly appreciate your team’s professionalism and transparency throughout the entire process.

Jhon Deo(USA) eCommerce Store Owner

The data and images look accurate, just as your team always does great work! Thank you to all the team members for your detailed, timely, and accurate attention to our projects.”

Rahul Bhatia Merchandising Manager

PPC campaigns were managed excellently by the team. Great work done by them in optimizing my campaigns and landing pages. I finally found a partner that can trusted to give the desired results. Thank you again.”

Vijay Singh ( Tamil nadu) Marketing Manager

While I was really struggling to manage multiple sales channels, I do not have to worry about it at all. All thanks to your team! You guys have been doing an excellent job in effortlessly managing all my channels and bringing in smooth sales.

Martin Deo (USA) eCommerce Store Owner

“Your team has accomplished a significant amount of listing maintenance work just in time for the upcoming holiday season. I appreciate your inquisitiveness, timely work, and excellent communication skills. Thank you.”

Roger Crimmins Product Head

Managing your tasks while taking on new responsibilities must have been challenging, but you're consistently going above and beyond. The way you're handling everything is truly impressive.”

Vicky Bansal eCommerce Director

Tech2india Team I was quite impressed with how quickly your team understood my product line very well. The listing copy and images both were as per the expectations with not many corrections needed. Good work!”

Chris Baker eCommerce Business Owner