Flipkart Seller Account Management Services

Tech2india Web service Solutions is India’s leading Flipkart account management service provider. Our bouquet of Flipkart account management includes the entire spectrum of related services, including Flipkart seller account creation, Flipkart seller account login, and working as your Flipkart seller account manager.

Flipkart is an e-commerce platform in India that allows individuals and businesses to sell their products to consumers online. Flipkart seller account management services are the various tools and services provided by Flipkart to help sellers manage their online stores and sell their products more efficiently.

Our Flipkart-trained team of Tech2india professionals handles all the services, starting with advice on your entry as a seller to the creation of your Flipkart seller account, helping you choose products, launch them on your storefront, manage account and payment and even advise on pricing as well as logistics.

As part of the Flipkart account management service we even take care of customer interactions, promotions, and marketing. Importantly, we ensure your operations are in compliance with Flipkart’s rules, your customers are satisfied and your product appears right at the top of search listings on Flipkart.

Start Selling with our Services
  • Account SetupFirst thing is to get register your business on Flipkart and create Seller account in 3 steps:
    • First step is to create account with your info and your business category.
    • Second step is to complete your Verification Details of your contact number, address and your business category (like – lifestyle, FMCG, home and etc.).
    • Final step is to complete Seller Information and fill your complete business details, like – business name, PAN, TAN or GSTIN ID and bank account details and with your store details and description.
  • Brand & Category Approval

Once setup your selling account and verify all the details. Next step is to upload Brand Authorization Letter or Trademark that you already have from the Brand and get the approval from Flipkart on brand and category that the products you want to sell.

  • Listings & Catalog Management

Manage your product listing and catalog. In which, our Flipkart Experts provide you step-by-step process of listing to fill your all product details and products images with all necessary information that helps consumer to find your products easily.

  • Product Description

 we have a team of professional Flipkart Experts along with Content Writers having very rich experience only in Ecommerce Marketplace that handle your product description and present in an attractive way.

  • Product Images Shoot & Editing

We have complete resources to conduct your Photo Image Shoot with different and right angles along with a team of professional Photo Editors that handle your all product image editing process. Product Images Shoot & Image Editing process helps to look attractive your product image and give amazing experience to the consume rs.

  • Order Management

Our Experts give you full support and handle your all Order Management process with 100% accuracy and transparency with you. Once order generate then our experts will inform you. And schedule the date of shipping when shipping agent comes to you and collect product and deliver to the right person.

  • Returns & Seller Protection

Our team will manage and handle your all returns process. And provide you complete protection against fraud buyers through Seller Protection Fund (SPF). In future, any frauds will happen then our professionals helps you to get the compensation according to the case & category and claim through SPF to Flipkart on the behalf of you.

Setup business on flipkart is really easy

Flipkart is one of the leading Ecommerce with maximum online reach. And with our Flipkart professionals setup your business on Flipkart is really easy. Tech2india always ensure that our Flipkart Marketplace Services helps to generate effective productivity in just 5 steps.

  • Step-1. Set-up you’re Account

Firstly create your seller account with your personal details like- name, contact info, address and other details and fill your store/business detail like- PAN, GSTIN ID and bank details.

  • Step-2. Listing Products

Our experts helps to upload your products with attractive product description and eye-catching product images.

  • Step-3. Start Selling

Selling is the first motive for every entrepreneur or for every business. With promotions & advertising and analytics support your business can target more customers.

  • Step-4. Easy Shipping

Once order is done. The shipping service agent pick-up products from you and deliver to the customer.

  • Step-5. Big Earning

Through Flipkart, you can sell your products and target more customers and earn big income.

Feel free to contact us

If you need any free consulting advice from our Ecommerce experts related to or any query related to Flipkart Marketplace or get to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us sales@tech2india.com We are happy assist you.


Increase Product Visibility with Powerful Advertising Solutions

Flipkart Advertising is an advanced marketing solution provided by Flipkart, enabling you to promote your products to an extensive customer base of 45 crore+ Flipkart users every day. By leveraging this platform, you can significantly expand your customer reach, amplify your sales, and unlock greater business opportunities.


Benefits of running Flipkart Ads:

  • Higher Visibility
  • Actionable Insights

Ad Campaign Types

Flipkart Advertising is a robust tool that empowers your product to gain visibility among 45 crore+ Flipkart customers. Maximising product visibility is crucial in the online selling landscape, especially with the presence of numerous sellers offering their products to the same customer base. With Flipkart Advertising, you can effectively stand out and reach a wide audience, enhancing your chances of capturing customer attention and driving sales.

Flipkart Ads provides two major types of campaign types depending upon your online business objectives.:

  • Cost per Click (CPC) campaign
  • Smart Return on Investment (ROI) campaign
Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns are specifically designed to highlight your products on new listings, high potential listings, and slow-moving listings, providing you with greater visibility among potential customers. If your goal is to reach the maximum number of customers on Flipkart, CPC campaigns are an effective way to achieve that objective.

Smart ROI Campaign

The primary objective of a Smart ROI campaign is to maximise the return on investment (ROI) by ensuring sales for every rupee spent on your marketing campaign. This campaign type is particularly recommended for low margin listings, high converting listings, and any other listings where you aim for a minimum ROI. However, it’s important to note that a Smart ROI campaign may not provide maximum visibility compared to a CPC campaign.

Business SituationProblemSolution*
Your product is currently not receiving sufficient visibility among potential customers.Low visibilityCPC
You have recently launched a new product/listingLow visibilityCPC
Although people are viewing your product, they are not converting into purchases.Low conversionSmartROI
Your product is currently facing limited visibility due to a high number of competitor products in the market.Low conversionCPC
Despite limited budgets or low margins, your goal is to maximise the returns on your adsBudget limitationSmartROI

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