Sell on EBay.Com is one of the largest marketplace to sell products online. Tech2india we would provide you a person with complete knowledge on eBay.Com management and you could focus on your core area i.e. business. Subsequently, it will ease the pressure on you and reduce the cost of having staff onshore. For successful online selling, you have to make your products more visible and stand out among the peers on various marketplace. Tech2india as an eBay.Com e-commerce services provider enables sellers to sell their products on eBay.Com marketplace.

Our Services to complete needs

  • Register & Setup Account

Our team of Ecommerce experts handle and complete your all requirements from front to end. Firstly, our team is to complete your registration process with your name, email address and done the registration. Another step is to setup your payment method on PayPal for receiving payments.

  • Setup your Profile Page

Create a Profile Page is the most useful to target more customers. Our team setup your profile page with your name, photo, about us and other related information help to believe on you that you are legitimate seller.

  • Complete Categorize & Protect from Restricted items

In Tech2india our Ecommerce experts provide you complete guidance and protect your seller account from selling restricted items. After successful update categorize of products that you want to sell then our team ensure that your selling categorize are not restricted or prohibited. And, it is according to the EBay guidelines.

  • Account Management

Here, at Tech2india has a team of Ecommerce experts and complete resources to provide you Ecommerce Marketplace solutions. Our team of Ecommerce experts handle and manage your seller account and provide you maximum exposure on online portal.

  • Catalog Management

We have a specialized in to provide best Ecommerce marketplace services. Tech2india’s team will manage your all cataloguing process from right & effective details about the products and attractive product’s images.

  • Product Description

Product Description is necessary and that’s why we have a separate team of specialized Content Writers, having experience only in Ecommerce industry to generate effective and right information about the products and easily understandable for every users.

  • Product Images Shoot and Editing

In Tech2india we have a complete resources to fulfill your all needs that helps to target more customers. Our team conduct product’s image shoot with different and right angels. Along with, we have a team of experienced Photo Editors to complete image editing process that helps to look more attractive of product’s image.

  • Listing Products

After complete your all Cataloguing process. Our team is ready to list your products on your EBay seller account with attractive product’s images, right & effective product’s description and your shipment details.

  • Order Management

Our team will manage your all orders and you’ll get a notification on your email. Once transaction is complete, our team will inform you to get your products for package and ship.

  • Advance Listing Tools

Tech2india always make sure to use technology to get done work quickly and effectively. Our team always use advance listing tools like Turbo Lister, Selling Manager etc.


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