Amazon Account Suspension: Yes! You Can Overcome This Nightmare

Amazon Account Suspension: Yes! You Can Overcome This Nightmare

An Amazon account suspension can be a nightmare for any seller’. You have worked hard to establish a successful business, and then suddenly, everything comes to a grinding halt. 

During this event, Amazon will shut down your account, and you will lose access to all the data stored in your Amazon Seller Account. 

Reviewing the Amazon marketplace for new products, updating HMAs, and pricing your products correctly are only a few things you have to do to keep your business running smoothly. 

Before delving into the topic deeply, we would clarify that a seller is not at all loss; after getting an amazon account suspended, it still has some odds of retaining its credibility.

This blog will give you some insight into what you can do to get your account reinstated and some high-risk actions you might want to avoid to keep your account safe. Let’s start without any postponement.

When Can We Call An Account Suspension On Amazon?

The Terms of Service (TOS) on Amazon define what merchants can and cannot do. Your account will be frozen if the platform finds you in violation. As it would be impractical to monitor millions of accounts physically, many amazon suspensions are handled by Amazon’s AI bots, which can sometimes lead to erroneous amazon suspensions.

Beware, And Don’t Mess Up The Difference Between The Below 3s

  1. Suspension

It means an Amazon seller still has some scope to put forward an amazon suspension appeal for the account retention of the account. 

  1. Denied

This indicates that the amazon suspension appeal you had sent in the earlier stage (Suspension) has been rejected. But still, you own a chance to submit a revised plan of action within a specific period.

  1. Banned

Getting “banned” is the worst scenario for the sellers. In simple words- You’re Out Now. All your Amazon suspension appeal has failed to satisfy the platform, not just once but several times. There is no point in sending any customized emails to them, as they will not be reading any of them.

Note- ‘A seller loses money every minute their amazon account is suspended! It can take weeks or months for sellers to be reinstated in such cases.’ 

It’s not possible if you’ve already been caught in a “Banned” situation for anyone to take you out of it. 

But if you are still at the very beginning, you can apply the below best practices suggested by our amazon experts that can help you come out of such a catastrophe.

  1. Ask Amazon To Put An Annotation On Your Account
  1. Read Your Listings To Check For Possible Flags
  1. Sellers On Amazon Should Archive And Close Old Listings.
  1. Don’t Sell Similar Items.
  1. For Additional Assistance, You Can Download Amazon Seller App

Let’s Conclude

Even the most attentive Amazon sellers are subject to amazon suspension. If your Amazon vendor profile gets suspended, don’t panic. You can rapidly have your amazon suspension lifted if you follow the appropriate steps.

The experts at Tech2India can help you get your Amazon account back on track. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to design an effective, well-crafted amazon suspension appeal package that can be delivered in as little as 24 hours. 

To safeguard your profits, reverse your amazon suspension, and keep your seller account operational, contact our dedicated Tech2India team.

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